The Masked Mom Review

When I’m not being a mom I’m submerged in the world of comic books, graphic novels, TV and popular culture with a soft spot for strong female protagonists, antagonists and anti-heroes.

Since we’re all home bound at the moment and have nothing better to do than read and write I’ve dusted off some old blogs and started some new ones to occupy my time in isolation. If nothing else I hope this inspires you to find an escape of your own and submerge yourself in a world that’s simpler than the one we currently live in.

If you enjoy this, or just have lockdown time to kill, I also write creatively here and mom blog here.

  • The C-word
    In season one episode three the focus shifts, to some degree, off the Joker v.s. Ivy v.s. Society struggle that’s the main conflict/struggle of the series as a whole and on to the subject of feminism.
  • When I put my academic hat on
    Hey all, After what feels like forever, but was actually closer to 2 and a half months, of co-authoring, researching, and editing I have an article live today over at themiddlespaces.com. It was a honour to work with Andrew Deman on this piece and I could not be more thrilled with the editing and noteContinue reading “When I put my academic hat on”
  • What’s on my watch list
    Like the read list, thought I would give you a peek as to what I’ve been watching lately. Consider these recommendations to watch as well as things that will be a part of future pieces. Harley Quinn (S1 rewatch and staying up to date on S2, hoping commercials were not queer baiting) Batman the AnimatedContinue reading “What’s on my watch list”
  • What’s on my reading list
    Hey all, hope you’re staying sane out there. I have a couple biggest projects on my write up list (more essay esk stuff) so gonna be a little slower on turn around for the next bit (unless I read or watch something that’s 100% got to have a rave review out NOW). So with thatContinue reading “What’s on my reading list”
  • Inquiry learning and Sid the Science Kid
    One of the many shows that’s helping me cope with the expectations of the lock down is Sid the Science Kid. My son (4 yo) loves it! It’s targeted as the Jk-grade 1ish age group. It’s got some really super sweet songs in it. And it focuses on Inquiry learning, or the process of lettingContinue reading “Inquiry learning and Sid the Science Kid”
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