What’s on my watch list

Like the read list, thought I would give you a peek as to what I’ve been watching lately. Consider these recommendations to watch as well as things that will be a part of future pieces.

  1. Harley Quinn (S1 rewatch and staying up to date on S2, hoping commercials were not queer baiting)
  2. Batman the Animated series
  3. Van Helsing
  4. Community (rewatch)
  5. Ozark (most recent season)
  6. Ocean’s 8
  7. Picard
  8. West World (most recent season)
  9. Kipo_ And the Age of Wonderbeasts
  10. The Last Kids on Earth

Enjoy a couple binge watches and stay tuned!

Published by llgrafto

I am a mom first, comic book nerd second and activist third. By day I work in the charitable sector helping bring change to both international and local organizations. By night I read and review comic books, mommy blog, creative write and support fellow "momtrepreneurs" maintain and develop their websites all while ensuring my son gets everything his heart desires.

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