When I put my academic hat on

Hey all,

After what feels like forever, but was actually closer to 2 and a half months, of co-authoring, researching, and editing I have an article live today over at themiddlespaces.com. It was a honour to work with Andrew Deman on this piece and I could not be more thrilled with the editing and note received from Osvaldo at The Middle Spaces.

I’m linking directly to the site rather than just to our article as this is one of my favorite comics and culture sites. I highly recommend you check out their other pieces. The piece I co authored is titled “Harley Quinn’s Sexuality: A Tale of Three Lusts.”


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I am a mom first, comic book nerd second and activist third. By day I work in the charitable sector helping bring change to both international and local organizations. By night I read and review comic books, mommy blog, creative write and support fellow "momtrepreneurs" maintain and develop their websites all while ensuring my son gets everything his heart desires.

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