Bane’s role- Harley Quinn

Bane is my favorite character in the batman universe. I couldn’t tell you why exactly… but he is. That love has become even greater after the way Bane was used in the Harley Quinn series, which speaks to my soul.

Bane first appeared in the comics in January of 1993 in “Batman: Vengeance of Bane #1.” He gets his strength from venom injections that are a result of treatment for chronic pain resulting from trauma/illness of some sort depending on the version of the back story you’re looking at. Which is probably one of the main reasons I love Bane being a chronic illness/pain person myself. He’s usually depicted as a bit of a mysterious strong but silent type. However, in the new Harley Quinn series he is far from quite, even if he is usually ignored.

Bane is half punching bag for all the villains and half the voice of what I’m going to call the Millennial conscience. Made fun of by everyone Bane remains a gentle giant, not getting worked up or raging out as we would typically see him. Bane’s actions are well thought out, despite constant belittling and verbal abuse from his peers. Everyone seems to be playing a game of get Bane to flip out, and Bane refuses to let his buttons get pushed. Instead Bane spews facts that counter any jabs the rest of the villains’ are making, whether they are directed at Bane, Harley or someone else. He’s like an instant fact checker.

Bane also acts as the one person who is able to call the Joker on his shit, being one of the few people whom the Joker couldn’t actually threaten in a real way. Where others bow to the Joker’s demands Bane frequently talks back, much to the Joker’s frustration. This ego check for the Joker is key in helping Harley over come the reach of the Joker and move on this her life in a weird way.

Bane is this perfect bundle of woke millennial, with gender fluid undertones who calls folks both in and out on their bull shit. All the while being dismissed and make fun of for the giant hippie he is. This combination makes him my favorite b list character in the series and makes for by far, the best versions of Bane I know of in the DC universe.

Bane is a well thought out, delightful foil to the self absorbed Kite Man and helps to bring a balance to this version of the universe. Almost taking on the role of gay best friend, without the labels. If there is on thing this series does extraordinarily well it’s question the need for labels and simply allow the characters to be who they are, at whatever shade of the rainbow the land in the spectrum of sexuality. Which is especially enjoyable given Bane’s typical slight and deathly macho macho man appearence in most other randisions of the character.

Bane’s a pretty C list character so I don’t have a lot more to say on the subject. I do strongly believe that the series is worth watching for his one off quips and general wackiness alone.

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I am a mom first, comic book nerd second and activist third. By day I work in the charitable sector helping bring change to both international and local organizations. By night I read and review comic books, mommy blog, creative write and support fellow "momtrepreneurs" maintain and develop their websites all while ensuring my son gets everything his heart desires.

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